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This is where you can find out more about us and where we will be raising money next! Check out our latest news and event sections for up to date listings of where our next shows are, and our previous event page to see what fun we’ve been up to. If you would like to help out at an event with your own Dalek or Doctor Who costume then register on our free Forum. Or if you are looking for ways to raise money for your charity, then please get in touch at info@charitydaleksquad.co.uk

The CDS isn’t just about Daleks. We also have many Doctor Who monsters including Cybermen and Miss Hartigan (Cyberking), Cybershades, Clockwork Droid, and Scarecrow who come along to help us. We even have our own Doctors, Amy Pond, River Song, Captain Jack and Rose Tyler impersonators. See the Gallery page for pictures. Our Daleks come from all over the UK to entertain, surprise and scare you!  We have new series, original series and, even movie Daleks. We have grey, black, gold, red, white and blue Daleks in our squad.

Find out where we are raising money next. Come along and take part in our Audience with the Daleks Shows. Listen to the Daleks sing in the "X"terminate Factor or watch the Race against the Dalek shows!


News & Events

Gearing up for our busiest year yet . Check out our Events Page for more details!

The wet winter is upon us and we are all busy working on our Daleks and costumes. This year is looking like our busiest year ever! We have our usual shows like the Dalek Invasion at the Fleet Air Museum in August and new events in Cornwall, Staffordshire and Shopshire. So far we have fourteen events we are attending!

Keep an eye on our events page for regular updates. Hope to see you at a show soon!

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